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StayClassyTV accepts the following payment:

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ESA Payment

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Our Acting Training






Intellectual Disability Students

Corporate Team Building



Performance Growth

YouTube Stars

Production Pros

Toddler Fantasy Fairytale

Babies in Motion

Lights, Camera, Action

Polish YOUR Performance

Social Media Spotlight

Awesome Actors, Marvelous Models

Family Stars

Storytelling Stars

Parenting Productions

Editing Experts

Visual Storytelling

Media Marketing

Acting Adults

Blockbuster Business

Studio Fun!

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Meet your Teacher

Did you know?

Mrs. Lisa is not only an industry professional with StayClassyTV, but also Certified Teacher!

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Mrs. Lisa

“I love helping all children and adults - all ages - find their voice and develop their on camera personality! No matter your skill level, I feel confident that you will become a rising star and shine! StayClassyTV Academy will prepare you for hosting videos on social media, YouTube, school projects and client presentations. There's even classes for our youngest rising stars!”




“Our little guy has so much energy and loves being in the spotlight having fun being goofy with Mrs. Lisa! She has also been very helpful with advice for his modeling and acting career! ” @glowingglam_rf


“Mrs. Lisa is so nice! We play really fun games in her class. At first, I was nervous to be on camera... but now I always look forward to going! I want to be like her one day!” 




“StayClassyTV Academy added a toddler class! It's so much fun to watch James and his little personality develop! Toddler's Fantasy Fairytale  is creative, imaginative and perfect for our spunky little dude who is a crazy ball of energy! He really loves to be in front of the camera and Mrs. Lisa makes it a blast by playing so many fun games. She really knows how to connect with the littles!” @healthymommamanda

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StayClassyTV Academy can't wait to make you a star! You can always email Mrs. Lisa directly at or call 480.269.2226

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