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  • What is the difference between StayClassyTV and StayClassyTV Academy?
    StayClassyTV specializes in digital content creation to promote brands to the public. This includes everthing from video production to on-camera talent, social media and styling wardrobe for projects & more. Mrs. Lisa loves to teach her craft and launched another branch to the StayClassyTV network --- StayClassyTV Academy, where Mrs. Lisa teaches acting/drama classes. Mrs. Lisa is a K-12 Certified Teacher, so it was a perfect fit!
  • Is there a specific social platform I should use for these classes?
    The StayClassyTV Academy: Develop Your On Camera Personality course can apply to all types of social media content creation, and can adapt to fit your platform and the story you want to tell. Incorporate your current content creation process, and level up or down based on your equipment and experience.
  • Is Mrs. Lisa a certified teacher?
    Professional On-Camera Talent and Certified Teacher, Lisa Acquafredda helps you explore your love of storytelling! Yes, Mrs. Lisa is a Certified Teacher for nearly 20 years. She has a valid Standard CTE Industrial & Emerging Tech License for grades K-12, plus Structured English Immersion credential for PreK - 12th grades from the Department of Education in the State of Arizona. Lisa Acquafredda is also a Cum Laude graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Mrs. Lisa also has a current Fingerprint Clearance Card. She works both professionally in the industry and teaches professionally in the industry! She is signed talent with Ford Robert Black Agency.
  • Can you tell me more about YouTube Stars?
    YouTube Stars Become a host that really influences your audience! Calling all performers! Do you know what it takes to be on Disney? TV News? In the movies? Or your favorite YouTube star? There's so many jobs in the entertainment industry and StayClassyTV Academy wants to help you develop your On-Camera Personality to shine and help your self confidence soar! We'll explore together acting, hosting, newscasting, interviewing, red carpet events, podcasts and more! Skills and knowledge: Confidence Public speaking Body movement Poise Conversation Teamwork Ad-libbing Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Does StayClassyTV Academy offer a Toddler class?
    Yes! StayClassyTV Academy has classes for ages 1.5 - 5 years old! Our Toddler classes are extremely popular and can usually have a long wait list!
  • Can you tell me more about the Toddler class?
    Toddler's Fairytale Fairytale Imaginations soar! Together we escape to the land of make believe through storytelling! Escape to a land of make believe as you explore imaginative acting and playing. Little stars and adult co-stars spend their time singing, dancing, and giggling together as they learn to act out classic stories and fairytales. StayClassyTV Academy helps our rising stars meet developmental milestones while having fun! Skills and knowledge: Confidence Public speaking Body movement Poise Conversation Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Does StayClassyTV Academy have therapeutic recreation classes?
    You bet! We believe everyone deserves to be a star! StayClassyTV Academy is proud to have a therapeutic recreation program division, where our goal is to meet the appropriate lifestyle for individuals with physical, mental, emotional, or social limitations. StayClassyTV Academy classes can be adjusted for any modifications needed. We welcome everyone to enjoy acting and being creative! We love working with our rising stars at Friendship Circle! See video below:
  • Does StayClassyTV Academy offer a class for families to do together?
    Definitely! We pride ourselves in family fun! There's no better way to enjoy your time than with acting!
  • Can you tell me more about Family Stars?
    Family Stars Welcome to the stage (insert last name here) family! Your next family night just got a whole lot cooler because StayClassyTV is here to level up your A game. Families take center stage to showcase their talents with educational and FUN activities involving vocal projection, character creation, stage presence, body movement, improvisation and role-play to help develop essential skills like focus, cooperation, and teamwork. The overall goal is to warm up family members to build confidence and encourage good listening skills because we all know good communication is key to success. Family Stars is guaranteed to have you acting silly around your loved ones and giggling for days about the hilarious stories you shared together and the unforgettable memories you made! It just might be cooler than pizza night! Unless of course, pizza is included ;-) Skills and knowledge: Communication Confidence Public speaking Voice Inflection Body movement Poise Conversation Teamwork Ad-libbing Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Does StayClassyTV Academy offer modeling classes?
    Join professional On-Camera Talent, Former Phoenix Fashion Week Stylist of the Year + Certified Teacher, Lisa Acquafredda to discover how you can turn your love of storytelling into a job! Yes, we offer modeling classes! StayClassyTV Academy actually offers both a combination class for our rising stars who are interested in both acting and modeling! Awesome Actors! Marvelous Models! Strike a pose! Let's get you camera ready! Learn to tell your story! Do you love to act? Do you love to model? If yes, then you have to be a great storyteller! This interactive session improves your quick thinking skills and gets your creative juices flowing! You'll expand your imagination by playing improv games, ad-libbing scenes and learning skills to WOW your audience, all while feeling more comfortable in your own skin! Skills and knowledge: Confidence Public speaking Body movement Modeling/Poses Walking Poise Posture Appropriate attire Beauty/hair techniques Conversation Teamwork Ad-libbing Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Does StayClassyTV Academy offer a class for babies?
    Yes, we offer infant classes! StayClassyTV Academy advertises we start at ages 1+ ....but we do offer specialty classes for babies, starting at 6 months! Babies in Action Parent-tot duos explore expressions and motor skills to find creative and imaginative play! Each class, StayClassyTV Academy will guide our babies and adult caregivers in playful activities that promote motor skills and social development. This is a great way to bond with your baby and make friends too! Skills and knowledge: Parenting Confidence Bonding with baby Body movement Motor Skills Social Development Adult Bonding Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about Lights, Camera, Action?
    Lights, Camera, Action Go behind the scenes and see how movies are made Are you interested in what it takes to become a TV star? If yes, then this StayClassyTV Academy class is for you! You'll enjoy a behind the scenes look into the world of media production, commercials, movies, social media, scripts, self tapes and more! You'll learn industry lingo and even get to practice auditioning to your favorite scenes; all while having a blast! Skills and knowledge: Confidence Public speaking Body movement Poise Conversation Teamwork Ad-libbing Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about Production Pros?
    Production Pros Level up your production quality and gain hands-on-experience working with video equipment. You'll also get to work with an industry expert and see their gear! If you have an itch to create engaging, authentic, and wildly watchable videos, but a newbie when it comes to the tech side of things, then StayClassyTV Academy has you hooked up with Production Pros. From scripting and storyboarding to shooting and editing, you’ll learn to make your ideas inspire and your content compelling. Whether you have loads of video gear or none at all— you’ll learn the basics and even have an unforgettable experience to geek out with an industry expert that brings their amazing equipment to class! *An extra supply fee is added to Production Pros for the Industry Professional & Gear* Skills and knowledge: Video planning strategy Visual Storytelling Shooting content Camera composition Lighting Technical Skills Editing footage Exploration Confidence Teamwork Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about Visual Storytelling?
    Visual Storytelling Shoot better video by learning video production fundamentals. StayClassyTV gives you a crash course in the basics of video production, camera equipment, lighting, composition and how to tell a story through the camera lens. This class is tailored for the first-time video shooter to the experienced. Skills and knowledge: Production vs Post Production Shooting techniques Camera equipment Composition Lighting Visual storytelling Lingo Appealing to your audience Sound quality Interviews Teamwork Deadlines Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about Storytelling Stars?
    Storytelling Stars Learn the secret to become a storyteller pro: Shoot for their Heart, Capture their Mind and Make your audience Smile. Some shows become a sensation for a reason: because they capture a truth or tell a story that resonates with an audience. Whether silly or sincere, an authentic story makes you feel seen, feel good, and feel like part of a something special. Storytelling is also the engine that’s powered many videos to go viral or some of our favorite productions to be remembered. This course will help you gain tips and tools to create your own, whatever your platform is - to become a storytelling star! Skills and knowledge: Production techniques Growing your channel Find your audience Confidence Public speaking Body movement Poise Conversation Teamwork Ad-libbing Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about Editing Experts?
    Editing Experts Editing Made Easy You are here to start editing and that's what we'll make you do! Work side-by-side a professional editor to walk you thru the basics, learn the lingo and get your technical skills up to speed fast! The goal of this class is to get you editing in a flash! Skills and knowledge: Editing techniques Lingo Appealing to your audience Storytelling Transitions Chopping footage Sound quality Color correction Teamwork Deadlines Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about Media Marketing?
  • Can you tell me more about Social Media Spotlight?
    Social Media Spotlight Make your on camera performance shine on social, when you stop scrolling and start posting strategically. Make your on camera performance shine on social. Will give you the skills to take your channel to the next level, as you stop scrolling and start posting. Count on StayClassyTV to guide you through the learning process to grow your channel, while keeping to your authentic voice. Skills and knowledge: Social Media etiquette Posting strategy Authentic voice Confidence Public speaking Body movement Poise Conversation Ad-libbing Staying focused Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • Can you tell me more about SCENE-iors?
    SCENE-iors It's never too late to smile in the spotlight for active adults 55+ StayClassyTV Academy welcomes our senior co-stars to the stage! Studies have shown that acting creates a wonderful outlet for active adults to express emotions, spatial awareness, cognitive reasoning and memory skills. Whether you're a beginner or pro, SCENE-iors is where your individuality and creativity can flourish. You'll learn acting basics, improvization, body movement and production techniques; all while socializing with peers like yourself. SCENE-iors is specifically modified for Seniors 55+. No lines or scripts to memorize. No physical requirements. NO WORRIES! Class can work with all levels of physical/cognitive issues. Only requirement is for you to be open, willing to learn and have an absolute blast socializing with active seniors like YOU! Skills and knowledge: Improvisation Acting Exercises Authentic voice Character Development Public speaking Comic Timing Body movement Poise Conversation Ad-libbing Socializing Creativity/Imagination Fun
  • What are the costs for classes?
    It breaks down to the following: $18 = 30 min $28 = 1 hour $38 = 1.15 hour+
  • How do I sign up for classes?
    Look at the Training tab. Decide what class you're interested in signing up for, then contact StayClassyTV Academy at the following: StayClassyTV 480-269-2226 Hurry up, because spaces are limited!
  • Where does Mrs. Lisa teach?
    Mrs. Lisa teaches at a number of locations. She teaches virtually via Zoom. Some StayClassyTV Academy locations are: StayClassyTV Academy Studios in South Chandler City of Chandler at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center Town of Gilbert at the McQueen Park Activity Center East Valley JCC Camp Gan Izzy Dance Studios Girl Scouts ...etc.
  • If paying directly for classes, what payment does StayClassyTV Academy take?
    As of right now, we take the following payments: Cash is preferred payment. You get a $5 discount for cash Venmo- @stayclassytv Paypal- Check- Make out to StayClassyTV, LLC
  • Can you tell me more about Polish YOUR Performance?
    Polish Your Performance This class is designed as a free flowing on-going independent study course, exclusively at SCTV Studios. The goal is to focus on what YOU would like to work on in a group environment --- that's safe, encouraging and collaborative. At StayClassyTV, we understand and embrace that sometimes we need extra time to master the technique, and if you practice in a fun place, alongside supportive peers and skilled coaches, you'll surely reach for the stars! Skills and knowledge: Confidence Teamwork building Independent Study Public speaking Poise Self-Expression Conversation Creativity/Imagination Fun
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